ImageDataBunch return is not a valid directory

Hi guys, Hope everyone stay well in this pandemic. I’m new to and try to create a DataBunch using the ImageDataBunch.from_folder. But I got a weird output that “kneeKL299\train is not a valid directory”. Below is my code to create the dataBunch, and the following output

And here is my directory, the code below is in the previous folder.

Thank you guys so much for helping me <3

Hi moein, thank you for considering me,
My .ipynb is in the ClsKLData, which is the previous folder of the kneeKL299 :frowning: The point is it return a confused output “is not a valid directory”

Problem solved! Must add the ‘r’ before the path, E.g. Path(r’DataFolder’)

Did it work for you, I still facing some issue.