ImageCleaner() GUI working but not deleting images

I have a fully-functional ImageCleaner GUI on my notebook on Gradient, but it seems the images are not removed after I delete them in the ImageCleaner GUI.

I surmise that one possibility is that my dataset is all in one folder, and the labels are extracted with a regular expression instead of by folder:

db = (ImageList.from_folder(path, recurse = False)
.transform(get_transforms(), size=224)

Does anyone know an alternative method to clean the data set than ImageCleaner, or know how to make it work? I would greatly appreciate it

From what I understand, the imagecleaner GUI does not actually delete the files, it creates a .CSV file which you then use to load the images with corrected labels/deletions. I believe an example can be found in the lesson2-download notebook.


You’re completely right! Thank you!