Image Similarity Search


Just wanted to post some results of the image similarity search engine I have been working on. The first column represents the reference image and the subsequent columns represent the nearest matches from left to right. I can elaborate further on our call next week.


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(Alexander Kim) #2

Hi, good work. I think there is a topic created specifically for this purpose:


(William Horton) #3

@maral Any chance you’ll be doing a blog post or writeup on this project? I was working on almost the exact same thing (image similarity for rooms/real estate images) for a hackathon two weeks ago. It looks like your model is performing much better than mine ended up, so I’d love to learn more about your approach.



Looking forward to it



@wdhorton If I can’t make something of it then I will write a detailed blog post :slight_smile: The trick is to use a pre-trained network, run images through it, take the weights from one or more layers, combine them and use that as a feature vector into an instance-based search algorithm. For the search I used approximate nearest neighbour but there are plenty of other options. It also helps to have a set of images where common features are visible across similar sized images. This is evident in the example I posted. Notice how in each row it found similar sized images. If these were not available I expect it would not do as well.


(Youcef Djeddar) #6

Hi, do you have a notebook explaining your approach? Based on my experience ResNet Layers tend to not be very specific. What architecture have you used?