Image labelling tool

I am working on a image segmentation project. Could somebody here please suggest an image segmentation tool.
Further, I also need to create a model which performs instance-segmentation and another model to perform semantic-segmentation. How to do these with Any resource links please.

I need to segment 25,000 images which are having different and varying backgrounds.

Thanks in advance.

Hey, CamVid’s website not only has a dataset for image segmentation, but also provides the tool they used to make it.

Perhaps it’s a good first point for you. Also, the book has a classifier using the same on page 42.


Hi @Marceline , thank you for your suggestion. I will check the CamVid’s site.

By mentioning 'book’ you mean the book?

Absolutely, it’s on GitHub as well, the place I mention is in this page right under the heading Deep Learning isn’t just for image classification.

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Thanks a lot. I will comeback once I get a concrete idea.

Hi @Anuraaj! I used coco-annotator for an object detection project.

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Hi @ababino Thank you for your suggestion and the link. I will check coco-annotator too.

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