Image Crop

Today I started working on kaggle dataset

Its like the head pose example

Thing is when fastai crops images it some times takes away some landmarks (there are total of 9 landmarks in every image) by croppping it. So This leads me into a problem when making a databunch because the target sizes are different . So Is there any way I can fix this ?

Thank you

You’d set the crop mode to “padding”. I have a working example of this dataset in fastai2. If interested see here:

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Thank You That’s Interesting .
Is this a lesson in Part 2 because I’m still in part 1

No it’s not, I have my own study group I run (Walk with fastai2) where I show examples not covered in the course. The closest to it is the Headpose example

Oh That’s Awesome.
I will use this repo as a supplement . :slight_smile: