Image Cleaner / File Deleter not working (AWS)

I created a model to identify Lions Vs Tigers :slight_smile:

And its stuck at 1.33% loss :slight_smile:

I tried to do the clean-up stuff (or File Deleter alternative) and both failed.

Can you help me

Identify issue with FileCleaner (is it some sort of path issue? there is lot of discussion but could not find how to fix my case

Or how to Install File Deleter (Which I found in the notes for Lesson 2

Appreciate if someone can help me with fixing the issue…
I would like my model to identify lions vs tigers better :smiley:


The best way to look at the error dump is at the bottom and top most returns from the error stack.

It’s also useful if you copy paste and indent your error so that it is easier for others to search your errors.
For example if you use three backticks (`), your code gets indented.


Your error complaints that there is a / being used with str type object. This means that you have set your path as a string.

Can you try doing

path = Path(/home/username/)

This should fix it.


Thanks Sanyam… will definitely keep that in mind for any next query.

Will try the workaround you mentioned and let you know.

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