I took the course, now I'm a CTO and recruiting for a job opening!

Hi all,

Since taking the fast.ai courses in 2018 I secured a position in a UK startup and have been CTO for a while now. Couldn’t have done it without fast.ai! Now I am growing the team and looking for people that have been on a similar journey. We are all about embedded inference for computer vision, so if that is your thing please do reach out. Working on anti-poaching, anti-trespass and drone navigation so definitely need research and software skills alongside the deep learning.

UK based, but fully remote work is possible for the right person.

Do take a look at our site and ping me on here for more info, it would be great to have a fast.ai alumni join us.

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Hi Jonathan,

Glad to hear that fast.ai helped to change your work field :slight_smile:

May I ask why job posting doesn’t mention fast.ai as ml framework? :slight_smile:
Proficient with multiple machine vision and machine learning frameworks (OpenCV, TensorFlow, TensorRT, Darknet, PyTorch etc.) with a strong portfolio of development examples


We are a small company and use the tools that suit the engineers. I have not recruited an alumni yet, so we stick with the other frameworks for now. I need to delve into how well fast.ai works with e.g. ONNX and the optimised inference options such as TensorRT or TFLite but as a startup we have to focus on one value step at a time so changing the platform has not been a priority.

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