I cant view a notebook from the course (Lesson2-download notebook)

I have been trying to view the Lesson2-download notebook but it wont open, is there anything else i can do to view the notebook?

I tried this link: https://github.com/fastai/course-v3/blob/master/nbs/dl1/lesson2-download.ipynb

I cant seem to open it with https://nbviewer.jupyter.org/ either.

Running into the same issue on colab, looks like a JSON parse error

@dreambeats @cankeles1 If you pull down the notebook from the previous commit (https://github.com/fastai/course-v3/blob/5f944d87121d8265e6199845a1f92765ba08df0d/nbs/dl1/lesson2-download.ipynb ), the workbook renders properly

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