How to use images in a zip fie

How do you images that are in a zip file for an image classifier. I am trying to practice after watching the first few lessons. I am working on a Kaggle image recognition competition where the training images are in a zip file (and a csv file has the filenames and a label for each). How do I use the images in a zip file ?
Do I need to unzip them first and put them in a single folder ?

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Yes, as per my understanding fastai has no functions implemented for unzipping data (although they have untar_data. So, you can unzip it manually and provide the path to the unzipped folder.

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from zipfile import ZipFile
with ZipFile(‘’, ‘r’) as archive:


Thank you. I just went through the first lesson and am glad I found this solution.

After realizing the untar_data function would not work for .zip files, I struggled to find a good solution until searching this forum. You just saved me a lot of headache.