How to submit in kaggle... Its to dificult

Good morning, I always have problems when predicting the test set and submit to kaggle, and is that each competition has to submit differently, some are binary classification, others of classification, others of multiclassification … is there some link or site that explains how to use the predictions funtions and how submit in kaggle ( put all the results in csv sub ), please, I’m tired of having problems with this.

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I would have a look at the forum and kernels for the competition you are interested in, often people have posted code demos that includes the submission code

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Yes, I’ve tried that, but I still don’t understand it, and there aren’t many examples with fastai v3, I almost don’t find notebooks with fastai and the ones I find are usually with v1.

Thank you also for your help Morgan :slight_smile:

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Just a point of clarification, we are all using fastai v1. The course is v3 only because it’s the third time that Jeremy teaches it. I see how it can be confusing haha
fastai library built on top of PyTorch -> v1
Course -> v3

Shit… it’s true, I don’t know how I got so lost, thanks a lot Pijuan :slight_smile: