How to solve this problem "AttributeError: ('This name is already taken', 'floatX')"

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On the latest amazon deep learning ami (v3) I had to use
echo -e "[global]\ndevice = cuda\nfloatX = float32\n[gpuarray]\npreallocate = 1" > /home/ec2-user/.theanorc,
install libpygpu and restart the kernel to get it working

conda install pygpu
Restart kernel

in which directory do I intall? I tried conda install pygpu in home directory and got error No writable package cache directories found in
(u’/home/daksh/anaconda2/pkgs’, u’/home/daksh/.conda/pkgs’)
Could you help?

It think it’s a permission issue. Try entering sudo conda install pygpu

im having the same problem. working with a paperspace unbuntu 16 box.
git clone repo
run bash from setup folder
ssh into server and open jupyter note book

initial error is:

so I did conda install pygpu
and then
aka ran export THEANO_FLAGS=mode=FAST_RUN,device=cuda,floatX=float32

then the above attribute error happens.

if I restart kerenel im back to the error in the image again…

very frustrating. I’ve spent half the day trying to fix this… plz plz help!

In the Setup video, near the very end (around 1:28:00) Jeremy shows a couple of resource files. ~/.theanorc has a “device=” setting. I changed this to “device = cuda*” and that took care of the error.

I’m now getting the “AttributeError: (‘This name is already taken’, ‘floatX’)” and can’t figure out how to fix.


Hey folks,
In case you are not aware. you should probably switch to version 2 of the course (updated and now uses pytorch).
It’s a much easier setup process and works by just running the setup script.
Btw. Theano has decided to stop active development : (
I expect the course to be heavy on pytorch and tensorflow in the future.