How to set up env using Google Cloud?


Id recommend switching to the 2018 version of the course, which uses PY3 and is based on Pytorch. It’s really different from the previous version.

(Charles) #85

Thanks for the reply, I will look into it. I have had issues getting a GPU up and running at Google Cloud for ULMFiT, but am now trying to use an image with CUDA pre-installed, and update my condo environment according to instructions. Hopefully this will work out!

(Adrien Lemaire) #86

Hi guys,

I followed the Ultimate guide to setting up a Google Cloud machine for version 2 blog post to setup my GCP environment, but I’m facing some issues afterwards, like graphviz not being available and failing when trying to install it.

I raised an issue on howkhang/fastai-v2-setup, but seeing no update on the repo in 8 months and no answer to a PR made in January, I probably won’t receive an answer for the author.

Can anyone can have a look at this ? Thanks in advance



I have tried to create an instance in different zones with NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPU. I requested increase of the quota, and received email that it has been already allocated. But still receiving an error when trying to deploy the instance in any zone : Quota ‘GPUS_ALL_REGIONS’ exceeded.

Has it happened to anyone? If so, how did you solve it?

Great patience for all learners!