How to properly take the course with the book?

I just started this course and I’m wondering about the connection between the course and the book.
It seems that lesson 2 isn’t about chapter 2. Same for chapter 3.
Is there any “map” for me to follow?


The course is a condensed version of the book. I would suggest that you go through the you got through the course first (take note maybe) and then go through the book.

The book can be thought of as having more deeper insights into the topics which are covered in the course.

Thanks for your answer.
So I just watch videos and play a bit with the clean notebooks, and then I read the full notebooks?

That would be a better way to go in my opinion but feel free to experiment around and cross reference.


Thanks for answer, I found helpful information here, Really appreciate.

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Thanks for post, i found lots of information here.

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