How to load model weights in new ULMFIT version

I have updated Fastai (from 1.0.39 to 1.0.52) and my language model does not work any longer, let me try to explain why as far as I understand:

My learner is created by

language_model_learner(data, pretrained_model=model_url)

Which does not work any longer. Now language_model_learner needs (data, arch). Arch seems to be a key for a hidden dictionary _model_meta, which includes AWD_LSTM, Transformer and TransformerXL (no weights) with hard-coded URLs for saved weights.

Is there a way to provide our own other than manually changing the hidden dictionary _model_meta?

No there is no way to donwload another pretrained model. pretrained_fnames lets you pass your own files however, if that helps.

For the moment I have changed the hardcoded URL to my own and that seems to work. I will take a look at the documentation for pretrained_fnames, thanks.