How to include a license for code from fastbook on a blog


I’m using fastpages platform to write a blog while going through this awesome course. Inevitably, I use some cells from the book, but I many others are different. How do I go about licensing them?

The code cells fall under GPL v3 license. The license states these conditions:

  • License and copyright notice
  • State changes
  • Disclose source
  • Same license

Moreover, the blog itself uses Apache license. If I wanted to use GPL for code cells, where do I put it - to a separate directory, say CODE LICENSE?

Is a message stating the source and a license at the beginning of a blog post enough - saying that I used word-for-word copies of the code from the book in some cases? Or does State changes mean I have to somehow make it clear for every cell if it’s been changed from the original?

Thank you!