How to give back in a meaningful way?

As a middle-aged self re-learner since 2015 with little time to dig deep on my own, I have been able to make incredible progress thanks to the public work of Andrew Ng,, & many others (F.Chollet among them). My question is simple: how you do give back in a meaningful way? How can I give back in some capacity? Thanks & keep going. Gius


I’ll try to give my 2 cents.
I’m trying by sharing tutorials on my publications:

I ask my peers to comment what they want to read and I release content as time permits. :slight_smile:


This is just one of the ways one can give back:

As little as 25 AUD can restore a person’s sight. Anyhow, thx for reminding me of this via your post @Gius :slight_smile:

By all means not the only way to give back though! Quite sure more people will have some other useful suggestions as well :slight_smile:


As to writing things myself to help others this nearly feels like cheating :slight_smile: I derive such value from it for learning and structuring thoughts that not sure if I am predominantly doing a service to others or myself :slight_smile:

There we go. Radek admits on the Internet to being a selfish bastard!

(there also exists the possibility that writing might be both at the same time, a win-win situation - maybe that would be a better way to think of it :wink: )

EDIT: Answering questions on the forums == writing in my books


I’m in college so helping others cheat is a good thing :smiley:

But primarily my motive is to provide some sort of mentorship to my friends. Except for, my uni doesn’t have access to any other quality learning resources and I’m trying to be the proxy to some sort of learning.

Lol, we’re partners in crime :sunglasses:

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Some things that I think we should try to do

  1. Promote their work and encourage other learners to buy their material - If you are in a university or can make recommendations for the library of your company, recommend books by the authors, get budgets allocated for their courses. Making sure DRM free copies are not distributed is very important.
  2. Promote them through writings/social media like Sanyam and Radek do.
  3. has always been the tricky one but Radek has given a brilliant recommendation that I will also follow. The only additional thing I can think of is promote what Rachel and Jeremy are trying to do and get your companies to budget GPU time for the course - or just help students (they are always broke) get access to GPU machines to be able to learn.

Oh! Awsome post.
I think everybody must have a look at it, at least once.

Great going guys, thanks for the heads up ! :slight_smile:

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