How to get the output from Language Model encoder?


Hi, in lesson 3- imdb, notebook. We trained a LM and saved the encoder and use it as the input layer of Classifier. I have the question, in fastai, can I extract the encoder output itself i.e. if I feed the encoder a string, it output a d dimension vector as encoding?

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@evan.xiong. I had this same question, wrote up the solution here.

Short answer is:

def process_doc(learn, doc):
    xb, yb =
    return xb

def encode_doc(learn, doc):
    xb = process_doc(learn, doc)
    # Reset initializes the hidden state
    awd_lstm = learn.model[0]
    with torch.no_grad():
        out = awd_lstm.eval()(xb)
    # Return final output, for last RNN, on last token in sequence
    return out[0][2][0][-1].detach().numpy()