How to deploy a tabular model

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I am working on tabular model and would like deploy the model in render. I tried deploying the Image Classifier Model and it worked. For tabular it is different. how to send data to tabular model from frontend.

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Hi p.karthik15 hope you are having a fabulous day!

Here is a notebook

it’s designed for


but the principle is the same for fastai1.
You will need to convert the code to work with fastai1.

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I also have a v1 notebook here @mrfabulous1 :wink:


Thank You.

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Thank you for your good post.
However, I was also wondering if there are any methods that makes use of HTML forms, not by uploading CSV files.
Since tabular data has inputs that can be put by users, I thought it would be better to have some sort of form that accepts user’s inputs and outputs based on user’s input, which is better when testing individually.
Are there any notebooks that I can take reference? All the notebooks I can find in deploying is csv file uploads.