How to customise vocab_sz in text_classifier_learner?

When I replace:

learn = text_classifier_learner(dls, arch=AWD_LSTM, 
              drop_mult=0.5, metrics=[accuracy], cbs=cbs).to_fp16()    


learn = text_classifier_learner(dls, arch=AWD_LSTM(vocab_sz=200, 
                  emb_sz=20, n_hid=10, n_layers=2, pad_token=1, hidden_p=0.2, 
                  embed_p=0.02, input_p=0.1, weight_p=0.2), 
              drop_mult=0.5, metrics=[accuracy], cbs=cbs).to_fp16()    

so that I can vary the vocab_sz I get an error that I don’t understand. How can I customise the vocab_sz for an AWD_LSTM architecture? Is it possible to please show an example of how I might do this @arunslb123 ?

I have created a gist showing the error I am getting below. When I replace AWD_LSTM(…) with just AWD_LSTM it works fine.

This looks a lot like a bug to me.
I opened an issue on github

Did you in the meantime manage to come up with a workaround that?

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I just used the default.

ah ok. Alright let’s see if we get an answer on the issue.

The error happens since you are passing an instance of AWD_LSTM instead of the class. text_classifier_learner calls get_text_classifier which calls meta = _model_meta[arch]. That dict expects a class (not an instance of that class) hence the KeyError.

You can also see in the code of the two function that the architecture gets its vocab_sz from the dataloaders that you pass:

def text_classifier_learner(dls, arch, …)
    vocab = _get_text_vocab(dls)
    model = get_text_classifier(arch, len(vocab), …)

def get_text_classifier(arch, vocab_sz, …
    encoder = SentenceEncoder(seq_len, arch(vocab_sz, **config), pad_idx=pad_idx, max_len=max_len)

so the place to change the vocab size would be the dataloaders object (this makes sense since your data should know if it has more or less tokens at hand).
If you use the DataBlock API you can simply add a max_vocab parameter to the TextBlock. If you use a higher level function to create your dls you need to recreate that manually, I did that (simplified, using IMDB) for TextDataLoaders.from_folder below:

dblock = DataBlock(
    blocks=(TextBlock.from_folder(path, vocab=None, is_lm=False, max_vocab=10000), CategoryBlock(vocab=None)),
    get_items=partial(get_text_files, folders=['train','test']),
    splitter=GrandparentSplitter(train_name='train', valid_name='test'),

dls = TextDataLoaders.from_dblock(dblock, path, path=path, seq_len=72)
>> 10008

To do any other customization on AWD_LSTM, as the instantiation in your code suggests, you can pass a config parameter to text_classifier_learner that resembles the default one:

from fastai.text.models.core import _model_meta
my_config = _model_meta[AWD_LSTM]['config_clas'].copy()
my_config['emb_sz'] = 20

learn = text_classifier_learner(dls, AWD_LSTM, metrics=accuracy, config=my_config, pretrained=False).to_fp16()

Note that you can not used the pretrained models, since the configs don’t match.
Hope that helps :slight_smile: