How to create blank tabular model?


I am trying to create a tabular learner model with no data then I will assign the data later
Is there any way to do this?
Something like this

learn = tabular_learner( NONE , layers=[100,200], metrics=accuracy)


Taking into account that a databunch instance is compulsory in order to create a Learner I don`t think it is posibleā€¦

With what purpose do you want to do that in that specific way?

Thanks for the reply

I am trying to create a class on top of FastAI library to use the simplify function
like sklearn or keras where you can fit for example

model = tabular_learner( NONE , layers=[100,200], metrics=accuracy),Y_train)

or some quick way to predict on new data using just 1 line where most of the
databunch will be handled inside the class like

Y_prd = model.predict(X_train)

or simple calculate accuracy from defined dataset


This is my personal project just to simplify my workflow,
If you heard of any library on top of FastAI that somebody has worked on, Please let me know :slight_smile: