How to contribute to fastai docs tutorials?

Hey guys,
It could be a silly question to you but I am not a software developer and I have not contributed to github repos before. I’ve made a tutorial about using fastai v2 to work on a medical dataset and getting the best results with it and I just wanted to suggest it to be available on fastai docs but I do not know how I should do that. The tutorial is a Jupyter Notebook and is well-sectioned with appropriate explanations.
I would be really happy if you explain the steps I need to make :slight_smile:


Definitely not a silly question! So the fastai docs require Jeremy to carefully analyze what’s going on in order to add it in as a tutorial, which is why I made , a central home for various tutorials people make such as this! :slight_smile: It will soon be accepting user submissions for tutorials/useful tidbits, so once it’s done I would highly recommend submitting a PR to the repo (I’ll announce on the forums when that is available!)

The general idea is based on what is most popular there may eventually get merged into the fastai docs :slight_smile:


Thank you Zach, as helpful as always :slight_smile:
I just checked your site. The idea behind it is really amazing and I’ll be impatiently waiting for the wonderful materials you’re gonna gather together. I really liked it :ok_hand:t2:

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