How to call get_preds() on validation data with v2 Text library?

Hello All,

I ma trying to get predictions and metric score on my validation data using fastai v2 library. Can someone help me out?

I am using below code to create DataBlock and classifier

dls_clas = DataBlock(

blocks=(TextBlock.from_df('text', vocab=dls_lm.vocab), CategoryBlock),




).dataloaders(data, seq_len=72, bs=64)

learn_clas = text_classifier_learner(dls_clas, AWD_LSTM, drop_mult=0.5,


If possible also let me know how to get train(transformed text prefered) and validation data with predictions to csv

Chaitanya Kanth.

I posted a solution to this here: Unable to get Predictions on validation dataset v2

Please try to avoid posting the same question in multiple topics.

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Thanks a lot @stefan-ai !
And apologies for repeating the question, as I had difficulty in moving the thread to right forum.