How has your journey been so far, learners?

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #51

Thanks for sharing @Ekami! Since you’ve already got a lot of experience, I’m sure you’ll be able to help us improve the fastai library during the course, and help other students too! :slight_smile:

(Tuatini GODARD) #52

For sure @jeremy :slight_smile: . I already started writing mine but I believe I better work on the the one from :slight_smile: . I didn’t take a look at lib code yet but that will be amazing to see it working on Pytorch as well as openmined as they both have more or less the same API :slight_smile:

Who is working on what?
(Stenio Fernandes) #53

It seems we have something in common. I am very interested in applied DNN to computer communications and networking problems, which includes synthetic data generation.

(James Birchfield) #54

Hello all, My name is James Birchfield (Birch), I live in Frankfort, KY (USA) but work out of San Fransisco, CA (USA). I’ve been a programmer for 25+ years and primarily work on large back-end systems. My primary languages are Java, Scala, and quickly learning Python more and more.

I have dabbled with ML is some sense for the last 5-6 years but never really dove in. I created a Java/WEKA tutorial for the Kaggle Titanic competition, and I have started playing around with Kaggle Spooky Author Identifaction here.

I do not have a strong formal math background but have spent part of the last few months on Khan Academy brushing up, and leaning python with tutorials on numpy and pandas.

I have been looking forward to this course for a while now and am excited to get started!


(Rajat) #56

Hello everyone,

My name is Rajat. I started my machine learning journey in October 2016. I like applying ML/DL algorithms to Social Media as you get to work with real time data and problems belonging to domains such as NLP, Computer Vision etc. .

I am excited to learn more about Pytorch, Numba, LSTM, GANs, RNN etc. .


(Zao Yang) #57

I’ve spent time with Machine Learning ND and AI ND. There’s a lot of theoretical knowledge for all the traditional branches of AI and ML and little on NN and the latest advances in deep learning. The hands on approach. This forum the practicality of both part 1 and part 2 sets apart.

Wiki: Lesson 1
(Ken) #58

Hi everyone,

I started studying DL/ML in the past year, reading papers, working through various tutorials and online classes. I have a personal interest in audio applications and video. I had been working through the 4th week of the online version of course 1 when I saw the exciting opportunity to join this v2 offering. I found the practice of applying these techniques and rewriting the notebooks really useful in feeling more comfortable and proficient in applying these techniques. I’m looking forward to learning more, getting better and getting to know others in the class over the next 7 weeks.


Hi everyone,

I am a software engineer from Montreal, Canada. I have been learning ML/DL on my own and on-and-off for the past 4 years. This is an amazing opportunity to actually focus and follow along. I am very much excited by the fact that this is geared towards coders and more of an applied course. Doing has always been the best way for me to learn.

Best of luck to everyone and happy learning !

(Ivan Rojas) #60

Hello deep learners!
My profession is primarily in web design but I have an affinity for AI related topics and have seen andrew ng’s ML series on youtube. I also help out kids with robotics so all this is up my alley. Here’s my linkedin if you want to connect.


(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #61

Is that through some program you’re involved in? Would love to hear more!

(Ben Eacrett) #62

Hello everyone,
I’m out of Toronto, Canada. I have a background in software engineering and ML from college and some experience in data munging and analytics application from work in trading. Its exciting to be part of a course with so many motivated and in the forums already - looking forward to a practical, top down, collaborative, applicable program!
I’m looking forward to getting a good foundation with DL tools over the two parts of the course, then excited to dig into Deep RL and evolutionary applications.

(Sanjeev Bhalla) #63

I own a small (mom-pop type) liquor store in Austin TX! :slight_smile: And am looking to build some AI/ML products for small time retail stores. Would love to find collaborators who may be interested in that space.

Background: Have built and sold a small Software Dev Services company. Originally from India and went to school at IIT Delhi and Univ of Wisconsin-Madison. Maybe the oldest person in the class? :wink: (almost 54)

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #64

That’s a really interesting-sounding journey @sanjeev.b! What kinds of things do you think would help in the small retail space?


Hi! I am at UW Madison now!

(Santhanam Elumalai) #66

Hello Everyone,

I am a UI developer, capable of handling the web front-end development from design to deployment. I have been working on ML for past 2 years. Without proper guidance, all my learning went through a different set of things like Math, Algorithms and so many things (Except coding). Just like Jeremy said I learned how to make a bat to play baseball instead of start playing it.
I already went through v1 of this course, It’s an eye-opener for me. In this v2 I like to be part of the live session to understand more of the basics like how to evaluate the data-set and choosing right parameters for the different part of the architecture.

Like to know more about me below is the link.

ln :

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #67

Nice analogy! :smiley: Where are you based, BTW?

(Santhanam Elumalai) #68

I am from TN, India. Currently from CO, USA. Yeah, after v1 (part 1 and part 2) all I do is to start looking into the code instead of reading the equation behind it. Thanks for the session!

(Shubham Singh Tomar) #69

Hello fellows!

I am Shubham. I am based out of a small town, Gwalior, India. I studied Chemical Engineering in college. But, I decided to move to data science and machine learning. Until recently, I was a fellow at Data Science for Social Good fellowship program. I worked on the identifying illegal fishing vessels in the Torres Strait. Before that, I’ve worked at early-stage startups and research labs in universities.


Excited for the class! :slight_smile:

(Sanjeev Bhalla) #70

Here are some ideas I have been exploring:

  • Current security systems (the $500-$900 system you can buy at costco) are very dumb. They simply record video. Lots of intelligence can be added here if the systems understood some context and interpreted video.

  • For a non-owner run store like ours having employees that you can trust is critical. So theft monitoring/control is a huge area. (We had a big problem in this area)

  • Physical inventory taking is a pain - even for our small store it takes us 4-5 people almost a full day to do that. Ideally I would love to walk through the store, record video and let it identify and count bottles. (Did dig deep into it and its a tough problem)

  • Even things like analytics on how many people walk into store, how many leave without purchasing could improved.

(Ravindra Mahar) #71


I have been working on Teradata database. Earlier to this was a .net developer. It’s been two months have started exploring AI, ML and DL. Just challenging myself to contribute to this world.