How does amazon price storage?

From what I understand, the cost of the p2 is 90 cents an hour for the time the instance is running (with any new “start” defaulting to at least 90 cents / 1 hour).

However, just curious, does it charge for space as well? How are those costs calculated? Is the storage price different for t2 versus p2 instances?

It’s $0.10 per GB per month, regardless of whether your instance is running. No difference for different instances. The setup I provided creates 120GB volumes, so that’s $12/month. You can resize them through the AWS console if you wish.

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@jeremy @all I have a p2 large instance which I have not used for few days but space usage is increasing and hence my expenses too. Does anyone know what might be the cause?

That sounds odd. AWS volumes should be of fixed size. How are you checking to see if space is increasing? Could you show a screenshot?

@jeremy I just saw it today morning when it was space usage was around 47 and now it’s around 51 and the instance is not running.

Ah got it. The cost is $0.10 per GB per month for any volumes you have created (you can view them in the ‘volumes’ tab of AWS console). It doesn’t matter whether it’s running or not. So each day you are spending $0.10/30 for each GB of volumes you have allocated.

@jeremy I understand that part of the billing information but not able to understand how the space keeps on increasing. Last night my space usage was 51 GB and now its around 54 GB without the instance running.
I would like to know if it is normal for the space to keep increasing this way


The space is not increasing. The GB-Mo is increasing because the number of days is increasing, not because the number of GB is increasing :slight_smile:


Just an FYI in case anyone else is looking for the link to see your bill, it’s at:

You can see the breakdown in the above screenshot there.

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This is what I figured out and was confirmed for me with AWS support.

For others who are running out of disk storage, I found it very convenient to copy folders to S3 via the aws-cli command line tool:

$ sudo apt install awscli
$ aws configure  # enter your key/secret as during setup for p2 instances
$ aws s3 sync dogscats s3://example.bucket.for.dogscats

If you forgot your key/secret, you can generate a new access key/secret from the IAM page in AWS.

I created a bucket for each dataset I wanted to back up via the AWS web interface in the S3 screen.

To restore the dataset from S3 bucket again:

$ aws s3 sync s3://example.bucket.for.dogscats dogscats

AWS S3 pricing: