How do you debug on Kaggle? Do you go through the libraries' code line by line to gain a better understanding?

As the title suggests, I’m curious about how everyone is navigating through the notebooks. Specifically, I’ve been aiming to discover a fast AI library function and understand its workings. I’m also interested in using pdb for code execution analysis.

For instance, if I wanted to comprehend the output of each line in the fast AI library and gain a better understanding of the code, does everyone prefer to debug using tools like VS Studio?

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The ? operator is always handy to know.

Running ?func will output the parameters and docs, while ??func will output the source code and docs.

To get to know pdb, lesson 13 of the course provides an introduction to it. You can watch it here (it’s time stamped). There’s also this written guide.

And using a dedicated debugger like the one in VS Code is helpful too (I prefer using this sort of debugger).

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