How do you deal with the frustration

Hey fastai community.

Has it happened that the cloud platform you’re working with just keeps frequently quitting on you?

So many times, I start a notebook, reach where I was at, and then the connection is lost. I restart, to reach the point from where I can start working and you guessed it, connection lost.

I can’t run all cells because there are experiments in the middle, stuff that could pop an error, and my notebooks are not sequential (stuff done out of order)

Thought of taking advice from fellow learners.

Build your own server, that’s the way to roll, don’t depend on others. Take adderall and crack

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The connection is lost or the server shutdown?

If the connection is just lost your progress should not be lost. If the server shutdown it probably means you’re using a preemptible instance (this is the one created by fastai GCP guide).

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yolo! \m/

Yes, server shutdown because of pre-emptible instance on GCP.

So yeah, only option is to create a normal instance.

I myself have a normal and a preemptible instance, when I’m getting too many shutdowns I just switch.

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I try to use Colab when I can. When I use a preemptible instance on GCP, for the most part I am able to get my learning/experimenting done without too many interruptions. Whenever I noticed a time of day pattern, I tried working during a different time frame. I will say that over the last three months, the number of interruptions has gone down in my case. Maybe try a different time of day?

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