How do I log into the wiki for editing it?

I tried logging into the wiki to edit it but found that the username/password of this forum are not working on the wiki. I don’t see any sign up page either.

I’ve been giving login credentials for folks who have been active on the forum and have had their posts “liked”. I’ll create an account for you now and will PM the login.

Hi Jeremy,
A new user here. I would also like access to the Wiki to update this section specifically as I might have a book recommendation for the student community.


Hi Jeremy:
I use the course wiki very often during the course.
I found an error on the Tmux wiki. I wonder How I can gain access to edit it.
Instead of having
’’‘tmux a 4 #by number (in this case 4)’’‘
it should be
’’‘tmux a -t 4 #by number (in this case 4)’’’


@jeremy noticed the “” was missing from the lesson 1 notes, went to add it.

If you could please, PM me login creds? Also, we can enable the “Moderation” extension on wikimedia so that changes aren’t immediately made public without approval. Then users can self-register to make edits, but there’s still a safety net to ensure inappropriate edits aren’t published. I can help with that if you’d like?

@jeremy Can I also get access please? I’d like to link some articles together (Fine Tuning and SGD for example) to help beginners out while reading the Lesson Notes.