Holoviz compatibility with nbdev - quarto

Was testing cross-referencing figures with nbdev and notice holoviz plots seems to cause issues during documentation rendering.

Seems seaborn plots are properly rendered but something happened to figure reference.

Here public repo with the code am using for testing.

How can I debug more to find out what could be the issue?

Try making a pure quarto project to isolate if the issue is quarto

  1. In a new directory create a quarto project:
    quarto create-project test --type website
  2. Put your notebook there
  3. Some things like widgets and plots may need to be run to work, you can make this happen with the following front matter:
title: your-title
jupyter: python3
  enabled: true
  1. Run the command quarto preview

If you are able to reproduce the issue, this has nothing to do with nbdev. In that case, it might be good to file an issue with Quarto. Let us know what you find!

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Thanks @hamelsmu, created a pure Quarto minimal reproducible example and able to reproduce the issue.
Then created an issue in Quarto repository: Quarto not rendering Holoviz plots | Unable to display output for mime type(s): Β· Issue #2033 Β· quarto-dev/quarto-cli Β· GitHub
Will update as soon as I get feedback.

Solution coming on Quarto version 1.1

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Fantastic! Btw, you can access Quarto pre-releases here: Quarto - Pre-release Builds. I have personally been using them for some time now without any issues, and have been benefiting from all the great improvements they’ve been making – but of course, the usual caveats apply as with any pre-release

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