Help with timelines please!

I’ve used the spreadsheet from @anshbansal to create timelines for every lesson except 14 (which he hasn’t had a chance to do yet). I’ve added them to the wiki threads (8 and 10 were already done - thanks!) However nearly all of them are incomplete (if you scroll to the bottom you’ll see that they finish before the end of the lesson). I wonder if some kind folks could help both with doing lesson 14, and finishing the other lessons? Here’s the lesson 9 wiki - you can navigate to the other wikis from the top of that post.

To add them, simply edit the wiki post and use the same format as you see there for the existing timelines.

@EricPB are there any other timelines you’ve done that I’ve missed?

Hello @jeremy,

My apologies but I couldn’t focus 100% on Part 2 (V2) due to uncome private matters.

I’d be glad to help in producing the missing Video Timelines.
Which lesson do you need and what’s the deadline ?



I hope you’re OK @EricPB! Don’t worry about this unless you have time.

Lesson 14 is missing entirely. 8 & 10 look fine. The rest are generally stop about half way through.

To anyone requesting edit access to the google doc, that doc isn’t meant to be a wiki. It is my personal study tracker. Please feel free to make a copy. Or make edits in the wiki themselves as that is where the timelines were supposed to go either way after I was done with the timelines.

@jeremy If you are ok waiting for a week then I can sit down and complete the timelines over next week i.e. by 13th. This weekend I am tied up. I will try to do some earlier and let you know.

So I managed to get free this weekend. Will do a speed run through all 7 videos and add the timelines in the excel.


Hello Jeremy,

I’m OK, just had some unpleasant private issues popping up which required some 24/7 focus/handling.

I can try and work on the Video Timelines for Part 2 (V2), as I need to go through them for my own learning XP.
Is it OK if I work on them, and build a dedicated thread as before, one step at a time (ie. one lesson per week) ?
Hopefully I will build the thread with 1-2 weeks advance compared to the new students, so I can maintain some distance ahead of them as they probably won’t cover over a lesson per week, as experienced before.

Hopes that is ok and compatible with your own release schedule for Part 2 (V2).


That sounds great! Would you mind adding them to the wiki threads instead of the Excel? It was quite a bit of work for me to convert them, and I’d rather not have to do it a second time if that’s at all possible!

Can you tell me how you converted them? I can add the link to the excel in all wiki threads if that helps.

I created a bunch of spreadsheet functions to get close-ish, then used some regexes in vim. A link to the spreadsheet wouldn’t really help - we need markdown format. Is that something that you’d rather not use for some reason?

I am using spreadsheets because I find it easier. But I can see how the timelines in the wiki would be useful. Will do that. But I would be able to get the timelines coming weekend only. Didn’t work out this weekend.

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Lesson 8 formatting fix, 9 done, 10 is already done. Doing lesson 13 because that is the least to do. Will do Lesson 11, 12, 14 tomorrow

Question - I have lesson 10 timeline very detailed like other lessons too. The current one is more grouped. Which one would you prefer? I figured out how to make markdown in spreadhseets so it is quite easy to replace my version. But don’t want to replace if that is easier for people to work with.


Lesson 13 updated in wiki. Lesson 11, 12, 14 remaining

I think more grouped might be more helpful to most people. Just a guess…

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Oh BTW note that the youtube video links changed recently when we released the MOOC officially. So might be worth double-checking your links still work. (I updated the links on some of the wiki thread timelines yesterday.)

Yes I noticed and updated them. Will double check. It will take a minute to replace them in case they are wrong. Have a spreadsheet set up.


If anyone else can help with the timelines that would be great. Swamped with work.

I would have surely helped but having my semester exams around the corner(will end on 1st June, will be too late for folks)