Help with Tabular learning


I’m using the Tabular learner for classification. I’m at a loss why the accuracy is not improving here.

Any suggestions? Thank you!!!
Here’s why I picked the learning rate


It’s strange. I seems that your model isn’t overfitting although reach only needs 1 epoch to achieve the top accuracy. Also, it’s strange that accuracy never changes.

My thoughts are:

  1. Your model may be learning to predict a subset of classes as accuracy doesn’t change. For example, the most common class. You can check by showing network predictions & top losses. It’s very strange. Likely, you are doing something wrong. Review your code.
  2. Your data has some order and you aren’t shuffling it before creating the train / validation split. For example, first N rows contains class A, N+M class B, etc. Try to use RandomShuffle for splitting.
  3. Your model is underfitting (unlikely as accuracy doesn’t change). Try a bigger model.
  4. You have a messy data / very complicated problem (unlikely as accuracy doesn’t change). Try a bigger model.

I hope that it helps.

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Found a problem with my script.
In the line below I didn’t add a “y_block=CategoryBlock” before. Now I think the nnn knows I want to do classification and not regression.

to = TabularPandas(data, procs=procs, cat_names = cat_vars, cont_names = cont_vars, y_names='myfavy', splits=splits, y_block=CategoryBlock)

The accuracy looks much better, but it’s still not improving with training :frowning:

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Well it is improving, just very slowly :smiley: The losses are decreasing nicely. I would try running it for more epochs and/or with a higher learning rate.

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