Help normal people create personal deep learning model

I’m a new student. I’m fascinated by the result I achieved in just 2 weeks though course. I’m thinking wouldn’t it be nice to create something that can help normal people to achieve the same thing even without taking course. Like Wordpress or shopify for helping people creating website without knowing HTML, we can help people build their own deeping learning model without knowing any code.

In details, I created a video cover photo click-thru rate predictor for my wife who is a youtuber. I fine-tuned the Resnet model from her youtube channel’s dataset. And the model works very well based on her real youtube data. Now, she will use it to every time to decide which cover photo to use before publishing a new video.

It is remarkable! Why not build something to help normal people embrace the power of deep learning even without going through course.

Any thoughts on this idea? And any suggestion on how to make this web app happen? We may start something that’s really impactful to the world.

You can try my model mentioned in :hugs:Hugging Face

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