Help me get my paper to Arxiv!


I’m Omar, a junior data scientist, I’ve been in the field for around 2 years. Through which I was an active learner. I also made a few side projects of my own to learn and explore.

Among these projects was a project that worked on the edge of multilingual NLP. One that after some researching worked in which I reached a form of multilingual NLP.

It’s basic but in my opinion, it would open the door for more research in multilingual NLP. However, I’ve been trying to publish my paper which describes the process thoroughly and it seems it still needs some peer review and critic.

In order to share it with the community and share the code -It’s on Github on a private repo- I need to have at least a preprint submitted to Arxiv, I’m not saying I’ve reached an excellent approach or an approach that would change the world, however, it’s an idea that is worth sharing and I’m trying to share.

Now to share my preprint on Arxiv I need an endorsement in CS.CL or CS.AI, I tried my university but I can’t find anyone who has Arxiv publications. After all, I come from a developing country with not so much in education.

So, in the end, I’m that desperate to ask here for an endorsement on fastai to get my preprint to Arxiv, it would be a great help to me and a nice favor.

I have the links to Arxiv’s endorsement for both CL or AI, any of which would suffice and I’d be very thankful.

If there’s a direction in which I should be heading to in order to get that endorsement please let me know.

the computational linguistics endorsement link:
the artificial intelligence endorsement link:

Thank you.

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I checked if I could endorse you but I don’t have enough publications on those categories. What I did when I submitted my first preprint, though, instead of trying to get someone to endorse me, was to register using my official university e-mail address. ArXiv will recognize that it comes from an academic institution and will let you through. I don’t know if this is an option for you, but it’s worth trying.


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I really appreciate your help, I don’t really trust Arxiv will consider my university and I don’t think my. edu email is still functional but I’ll give that a try.

Thank you

Hi Omar,

were you successful with publishing on arxiv?
I am now struggling with getting endorsement as well. Also without academic affiliation, and my university email is probably not working anymore.

Thanks and take care,