Help Me Build My Deep Learning Workstation

Hi everyone,

After a few weeks of research I’ve reached a level where I can put together parts to build my deep learning rig.
I thought I’d post my current configuration here to get some feed back from the experts.

The price is currently sitting at ~4.5k (and I need to buy a monitor too!). I’d appreciate some advice if I could use alternate configs or if you think I could make this better or cheaper.

The most important thing is the GPU. After doing a fair bit of research I decided to go for a dual GPU setup consisting of 2 x Asus GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8 GB Turbo EVO’s instead of 1 x RTX 2080 Ti as I get more vram for the same price. I’ve chosen my other parts around these GPU’s.

Here is the link to the parts. Please let me know what you think.