Help break down a problem description


I am tasked with the following problem:

Your task is to visualize labour / employment data (( for Canada by province and industry for the last 5 years which should be pivotable by demographic (age, sex, ethnicity and industry / sector).

Use open skills data and job titles using this link and visualize a mashup correlating skills and jobs to industry and employment and provide a sample for evaluation.

Suggest in detail, how you would train these two data sets over time and what machine learning algorithm you would use to make the data “smarter” over time.

Because it has been given a short time frame, I don’t necessarily have to build a model. However, I have to visualize it. Here are my questions:

  1. Can you please dumb down the problem description for me?

  2. Is a bar-graph/histogram appropriate for this type of visualization or dot-plot? What is the best data visualization method to show correlation?

  3. The website DOES NOT have the data available for the last 5 years. All I have to work with is data from 2018 to today so I’m going to have to explain that. I’ve asked them if they wanted me to use every table from the website (there is 12 of them) and they said that they don’t require the use of all of them. However, I don’t get which ones I should use to visualize. I’m sorry if this part sounds like a “do my homework” type of question but I guess this is where I am really lost.