Hello! Intros thread!

(Oren Dar) #122

Hello everyone!

I just finished both parts of the course and I can’t wait for part 3 (or part 0?).

My name is Oren Dar - originally from Israel, currently enrolled in an undergraduate program at an international university and studying around the world :slight_smile:

I’m a CS major and I love data science, and I think this generation of students (myself included) are extremely lucky to have people like Jeremy and Rachel teaching us data science at the highest level without spending several months drowning in complex equations before we ever see code, which makes it accessible even if you don’t have a PhD in math.

I’m sure many more students feel exactly the same way as I do, so I would like to personally thank you both from the bottom of my heart.

Hope to see all of you around!

(Jessica Burns) #123

Aaaah! Thank you for that! :slight_smile:


Hi all, middle aged nuclear eng from Italy here with an MSc and a PhD (materials science) from England. Working 50% at own r&d projects, 50% as a consultant. I hope to apply some concepts from this course to my field. Many thanks to Jeremy and Rachel for having made DL code oriented. Keep going! Gius

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #125

Would love to hear if you find some interesting applications in nuclear eng!


materials science with using microscopy images of damaged components may be one… :innocent:

(Francesco Civardi) #127

I’m a middle aged Italian electrical and control engineer, working in Switzerland (Zurich) in a small company, http://www.balzano.ch/en/. We apply DL to MRI analysis, focusing on orthopedics. I’ve worked for years as a data scientist, in a consulting company in Italy and at the National Cancer Center in Milan. Thank you Jeremy and Rachel for your excellent course! Btw, Jeremy, how is it going with Enlitic? I got inspired from your (previous?) company. I’m interested in applying Machine Learning and Deep Learning to healthcare.
Francesco Civardi

(Sven) #128


my name is Sven. I am from Germany and am a self-taught software engineer since 20 years. I love to learn languages and can speak Japanese and Chinese fluently and currently am also learning Korean. My private project at the moment is to write a software that teaches language learners how to properly use grammar for Chinese, Japanese and Korean. I hope I could use word-embeddings and deep learning techniques to improve my grammar models. My other hobby is dancing.

Thank you, Sven

(Avinash Hindupur) #129

Hey all,

I’m Avinash, a Biotech major turned software developer currently working at a parenting platform startup. I’m leveraging ML/NLP to analyze conversations engaged on our forums to help young parents get solutions quickly and am looking to learn new techniques and best practices here.

I organize Deep Learning Delhi meetup and also run Deep Hunt, a newsletter for all things ML. I strongly believe that making technology more accessible to wider people will help in bringing more diversity in thinking and benefit more people.

I enjoy meeting like minded people and if you’re looking for someone to talk about the applications of ML in Indian startups and how ML is perceived here, hit me up :slight_smile:

Thank you @jeremy and @rachel for starting this course!



Hi @hvrigazov, how do you manage to implement advanced lane finding? I am interested in counting the number of lanes as seen in images taken from a car and the main problem would be the perspective. Thanks.

(Md. Muhaimin Rahman) #132

Hello all! I am new to this course . I have previous experience in Deep learning,. I have joined it to learn deeper in Deep learning. However I have some questions .

  1. Can I share my ML , DL projects here ?

  2. I have a facebook group on ML . Can I share its link here ? any problem with that ? Please reply :slight_smile:

(Rachel Thomas) #133

Yes, you are welcome to share links to relevant projects you’ve built and to resources that may be helpful to other students.

(Md. Muhaimin Rahman) #134

Thanks Rachel… However , I am confused about how to create a new topic for it … Please can you clarify ?

(Sandip) #135

I am an experimental scientist in the materials/semiconductor/nanotechnology fields and want to apply deep learning to make some of the things we have to do (domain expertise) more efficient and widely available.

I am not a coder; so for the last several years, I was searching online forums to first figure out search keywords for things I needed and the scripts to figure out the code to put together a model, until coming across Taposh’s medium post(medical image analysis with deep learning) that pointed (convolutions explained in excel) me here. So an instant fan of Jeremy and Rachel!

For a simple example of how primitive my coding familiarity is, import numpy as numerical python instead of np, would let me assimilate the code much quicker. It makes it easier to decide if I need to google ‘import’ first or ‘numerical python’. Someday would like to capture this learning process as well.

I am going through the video lessons, sometimes 5/6 times, and using the jupyter notebooks to put together a demo for my project. I am not following the chapters sequentially. Making progress to the point that I can now feel the demo and starting to get impatient as to how long its taking me.

Would love to collaborate with someone here.

(Kevin Bird) #136

I am a Software Automation Engineer in the transportation and logistics field. I have a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Nebraska in Omaha. My background is not in Python, but I have coded in Ruby and ASP.net in the past. Currently I am getting close to finishing part 2 and I just bought my first deep learning computer! I am starting to get more involved in different competitions and my hope is that if I can get better at machine learning, I can bring some innovations to my current company (or whichever company I’m working for in the future) and mine the data.gov website to help the government identify issues and become more efficient.

(Vikrant Behal) #137


(Brayan Impata) #138

Hi there!

I’m Brayan and I’m a PhD student in robotics from Spain. I’ve got a BSc and MSc in computer engineering and machine learning has always been in my sights: I did both my bachelor’s and my master’s thesis on machine learning projects. During my free time I’m an amateur guitarist. I hope to get a deeper practical understanding of this new deep learning era thanks to your wonderful course. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us your expertise and giving deep learning foundations a more attractive way of being taught.

(danny iskandar) #139

Hello there , I am Danny Iskandar born in Indonesia …looks like somebody is from Indonesia (let’s hook up). I now live in the US - Indianapolis since the past 15 years.

My education background is in Master in Electrical Eng and MBA. I have been playing with machine learning probably around 6 months ago through udacity and coursera , but haven’t really completed the course. I have completed Python for beginner from udacity. Also have been listening to podcast anything related to machine learning + AI …Linear Digression is a good one!

My background is more in technical sales and a little bit here and there teaching position. Since the past 14 years have been doing all other things too to find myself, founded a retail company, free lance photographer among other things.

I hope to be able to apply DL for social good and health care … so if anybody has a project in that area pls hook me up. I would also like to be able to apply this DL knowledge for Kaggle competition.

I have 3 kids 14,12 and 10 years old. Boy it has been a mentally challenging for me :slight_smile:

I am very grateful and excited for this oppty. Big kudos for Jeremy and Rachel for doing this, you don’t how much this has been an eye opener for me.

(Ramesh Kumar Singh) #141

Hi, I am a Software Engineer from Bangalore, India. I saw that there is provision for international fellowship with fastai and I really want to do this International Fellowship Program. Can somebody help me with the dates of application and procedure.
I am also looking for Machine Learning Study Group. I am OK with remote study groups as well. Don’t know if this is right place to ask or not but I wanted to get started somewhere.

Being a software engineer playing with data has always been one of the interesting thing and I think I will not be injustice to myself if I follow this path. I am trying to learn ML/DL on my own right now. I have tried to learn from a local program but after that I think I am more curious to learn things and solve real world problems.

I am interested in general human biology and medicines. I really like to understand how human body works. Also astronomy is something which fascinates me.