Have `nbdev_test` stop after 1st fail

I thought i read somewhere in the docs that the testing philosophy for testing is to bail after the first failed test, which I like and prefer.
However, with nbdev 2.1.3 it doesn’t do that for me?
Is there a new setting maybe where I can have testing to fail after the 1st failed test?


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It should indeed do that (for each notebook). Are you sure that’s not what’s already happening?

Ah okay, but with a dozen notebooks that’s still overwhelming as the errors scroll away quickly. Is it possible, without calling test on each file manually, to have things stop after the first error in any notebook? I tried setting the allowed parallel workers to 1 but to no avail.

No not at present. But it gives you a list of failed notebooks at the end – or of course you can just scroll up to view the messages (BTW if you use tmux, you can actually search the scroll buffer!)