Happy Women’s Day - Looking for a mentor

Hi there!

TODAY and EVERYDAY - Happy Women’s Day! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I am a young woman based in Switzerland (CET) who would like to start a new project LSTM siamese network and I am looking for a mentor that can guide me along the way for the next 2-3 months :smile:

I never did any text application beyond the movies dataset (usually work with image data) but I feel pretty motivated to learn! I would like to find someone with NLP / Pytorch / Fastai experience that would be willing to invest 2-3 hours a week helping me breaking up the tasks and guiding me when I get stuck. The end goal will be to contribute to hmni python library as I am big fan of Open Source :heart_eyes:

I am also happy to use Buy Me a Coffee :coffee: :moneybag: to compensate my mentor for her / his time or to donate to an NGO of her / his choice! Could you help me find someone?

Thanks a lot!