If you’d like to join the in-person hackathon at UQ, there’s now a form you can use to apply: form.

The full terms and conditions for the hackathon can be found here.

(As I said in class, we haven’t organised anything for folks joining remotely, but if anyone has the time and energy and interest to organise some kind of remote hackathon, you’d have my support and blessing! Feel free to reply in this topic if you want to use it to set something up.)


One option (out of many!) for remote hackathon would be an kaggle community competition. If there’s an interest in this, we would need to find a suitable dataset for this… (cv, nlp, tabular?).

Discord voice channel would be an option too for remote hackathon i guess…


Hackthons usually have a topic/challenge issued on the first official day, but wasn’t explicitly stated in the rules. The “30% impact – What is the potential social or economic value of the problem / solution?” could imply participants need to come up with an application independently, and could start thinking about it now. Please clarify.

Sounds good. I would even say that it could be just a hacking of some sort of dataset. Like not for the leaderboard scoring but coming up with interesting applications using that dataset. Then this would include extra skills like building an MVP, i.e., using some tools to turn models into working solutions.

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Yes participants are welcome to come up with their own ideas. Since this is being done through UQ Ventures, coming up with ideas is part of the challenge!


I already set up an own post for it, but just as a follow-up here

Sordi.ai has an object detection hackathon coming up (registration until 13th of November) which is basically “learn the random stuff that you can find at a BMW plant!” Boxes, pallets, fork lifts, and so on;

no humans though, I guess this or a ‘live’ detection on video streams is going to come up in part two.
The objects are not taken from live images but from NVIDIA Omniverse generated images, so don’t worry if the plant looks like a clean dead town :wink: