Gradient or Core

I just started following the tutorial. I am trying to set up my Paperspace machine. However, it looks to me Paperspace has launched gradient notebooks for people to run scripts straightaway without setting up a machine. I want to know which path I should take. Gradient or Core (setting up my own machine).

Core is the traditional cloud machine similar to AWS. That’s what Jeremy is talking about

Gradient worked for me with little tweaks:

Hey @Max1! Were you able to use Gradient for Lesson 2? If so, how did you unpack the Kaggle data? I couldn’t figure out how to un-7zip the data in Gradient. No problem in Core, but I could not figure out how to install 7zip in Gradient.

Hi @techjoey,
I haven’t got that far yet. I’d start with opening a terminal (Ctrl-Shift-L in Notebook to open a Launcher. Its last row contains a terminal icon). apt-get install p7zip-full didn’t work for me, but there seems to be curl and gunzip. I’d re-pack data to gz format and make it available to Gradient° by putting it into a shared dropbox folder or similar, and the curl it into Gradient°