Gradient instructions didn't update my Notebook

I’m unable to get the Notebook ready and I was wondering if anyone has had similar issues.

I followed the instructions here:

Sadly, my notebook didn’t have a folder that said course-v4

A course-v4 didn’t appear either after following the instructions.

After “cd fastbook” and “git pull” the terminal said I had already updated.

Are the gradient instructions inaccurate? Am I ready to go and just need to click fastbook?

Or will I be lost watching Jeremy’s videos without having the course-v4 folder?

Please assist me as I have limited programming experience but a burning interest in artificial intelligence.

Thank you for anyone who has read this far and double thank you to anyone who attempts to assist me.

I face the same problem, either the Gradient instructions being inaccurate, or the git server has a problem in executing the pull properly.

After cross referencing the Colab instructions, I got the course-v4 folder using the Gradient terminal to execute the below command

git clone

I’ll now dive into the course. Hope this remedy works fine.

Ok, I’ve figured this out from the read-me file of the course-v4 repo:

This repo is no longer used - the information that was here is now in the main repo, in the folder called /clean .

So, whenever the course ask you to go to the course-v4 directory, you simply go to fastbook/clean directory instead.

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