Goal of each lesson

I am bit confused about the goals/objectives of each lesson. At the end of each lesson, I do my best to replicate/run the lesson code taught by Jeremy and get a good understanding of the concepts. However what are participants doing at the end of each lesson to gain a solid understanding.

@jeremy @rachel your thoughts.



These are the recommended tasks as I understand them:

  • go through the notebooks presented in class, read the extra text that is in the notebook and try changing the hyperparameters to better understand them
  • choose a dataset of your own and replicate the notebook
  • get started on the Kaggle competitions
  • read blogs

If you find the Kaggle competitions too intimidating - I certainly still do :slight_smile: - make sure you check out the kernels that people publish there, they are a great starting point.

If you manage to run the notebooks and experiment with different datasets, even if you don’t get around to kaggle competitions just yet, I think you are onto a great start for the first pass of the course. I am on my second pass right now and hoping to fill in the gaps from the first pass.

BTW there is a wealth of info on this in the first couple of minutes of lecture #1 - would recommend you check it out.


Just to add my 2 cents…

  • Do and please do read different blogs… it makes things gradually descent into your brain at a faster rate…
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thanks @ecdrid. added blogs to list of lesson goals.

Thanks for compiling wonderfully…

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@reshama @ecdrid @radek: Great thanks for the inputs and responses. I have played around with the data but think I need to embed the concepts and gain a better understanding