Getting to the bottom of the posts

Opening posts with lots of replies (>100) for eg. “Share your work here ✅” results in lots of scrolling to get to the bottom of it (the latest post) which I found as a pain.

Thought I will mention this approach I found to get to the bottom (latest) post quickly.

Open the post by clicking at it:
Share your work here ✅

And then add a /last to the end of its URL in the address box, which takes one straight to the latest in that post without endless scrolling to get to it.

So, it will be like:

Thought this will be useful to others (as I didn’t find any other easy way for this). May be Jeremy or other power users know other approaches. In the Keyboard Shortcuts also I couldn’t spot any though.

P.S: One can get to any specific reply by adding its number to the end of URL of the post. Like,
Share your work here ✅ will get one to the 100th reply.

If you’re on mobile maybe it’s different but on desktop you see the little timeline to the right of the replies ? At the top there’s the date of the first reply, and at the bottom the date of the last ? If you click on those dates it gets you there :slight_smile:
You also click on the light blue bar in between those dates.