Getting the Jupyter cells to run

I am watching the Youtube video of the MOOC and following along in the first chapter of the book.
using Jupyter notebooks. I topened the chapter using both Colab and Github.

In Github I cannot run the cells. Are they dummies inside of text boxes, or am I the dummy?
In Colab I can run the cell but I get the following erro message :
“ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘fastai.callback.all’; ‘fastai.callback’ is not a package”

How do I move beyond this roadblock

Thank you


You first cell should contain something similar to below. If not just add a cell at the top and run it. It will create the environment. It assumes you have a Google drive.

Regards Conwyn

%matplotlib inline

%reload_ext autoreload

!pip install -Uqq fastbook

import fastbook


from fastai import *

Thanks for your input.
I was able to get it to run by inserting and running a cell with

! pip3 install git+

as suggested here

I am enjoying the course, or at least the first lesson.
There are two issues that are still confusing me
(1) The video refers to and shows the course as V4, but it seems to be refered to as 2020 in GitHub.
In addition in the video Jeremy says to look for the “nbs” folder, but it seems to me that it is now called “clean”.
(2) are we now using fastai2? Is it fastai2 in python? I saw some posts that suggested import fastai2 rather than fastai
I understand that the year-old video is not about to be redone, but does the file structure in GitHub reflect the old or the new?

Yes we are using Fastai V2 and yes it is annoying when they change things but the changes brings improvement. The last course had two lessons on Swift and Tensorflow but Google have stopped working on it. I recommend you buy the book if you can. I find with the video I understand, understand, no longer understand whereas you can take the book at your own pace. The course is quite hard if you do not know Python which I do not but practice and more practice is the answer. Use the forum to ask any question because somebody will answer and lots of people will learn.
Regards Conwyn