Get error while creating documentation only site


I would like to create a website with nbdev without a library. I followed the steps in the tutorials, but after I removed my library folder (my library folder is mywebsite) in step 3, I got the following error when I ran nbdev_preview. It seems I still need to keep file in my library folder.

Would you tell me how to handle this error? Thank you.

Can you explain step by step how to reproduce this error? I’m not able to re-create this error when following the instructions

Thanks Hamel,
I did as the following: I first created a empty repo, then did the following steps (attached).

Did I miss anything?

I’m not able to repro your error. You haven’t shared an example I can use to reproduce your error, unfortunately.

See this repo which is the result GitHub - hamelsmu/mywebsite: demo

Thank you, Hamel. I will follow your steps and try it again. I am not sure if the error is because I’m using Quarto prerelease version.