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Thanks @jeremy, looking forward for an exciting sessions.

Thanks Jeremy. It will be 6:30 AM in Pakistan. Can’t wait to join. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jeremy. Can’t wait to join from London even though it will be like 2:30 AM. Anyone from London joining? We can create a group or followup on a meetup to discuss Have a Slack channel?


Thanks, this helps. One question:
Will there be a compilation of the video lectures for future reference?

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You should ask in the relevant category; click here: #part1-v3:utc-0-uk-eu-west .

Hey Raghu, we already have a slack channel with a bunch of Londoners (and other folks in the same time zone), see and join us!


Hi from Belgium; I just wanted to make sure I don’t miss the start of the gracious gift by Mr. Jeremy; the live course V3. So excited, I can’t wait to be part of this great moment.


Hi @jeremy, I know I read it somewhere and the answer was yes, but I have to ask: after the streams ends, is the video going to remain available?

Yes they will. It is written in the firs message in this thread

Recordings of the lectures will be available immediately after the lesson ends - although we would ask that you really try to join live if at all possible, otherwise you won’t be able to interact during the class.

Thanks a bunch, @leac! I knew I read it somewhere, I just couldn’t find it :slight_smile:

thank you sir.

@rachel @jeremy if i’m writing a blog post on this, Can i use the notebook link i.e the fast ai v3 repo or should i just individually use the code and respective docs?

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Perhaps post a draft here first of your post?

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I don’t currently have permission to edit this wiki post (perhaps this account needs more trust level?)

The Platform: Sagemaker link currently points to:
Could we please point it at: ?

My fault for forgetting to make it a wiki. Fixed now. Do you mind trying again?

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Works perfectly now, thanks Jeremy.

I am looking into the installation instructions for Google Compute Platform. Specifically, I followed the link in “To install on MacOS, follow the instructions detailed in points 1 to 4 here” under “Step 2: Install Google CLI” on Mac.

The first step under “Before you Begin” says to make sure python 2.7 is installed on your system, but there is also a note saying " Note: As of Cloud SDK version 206.0.0, the gcloud CLI has experimental support for running using a Python 3.4+ interpreter (run gcloud topic startup for exclusions and more information on configuring your Python interpreter). All other Cloud SDK tools still require a Python 2.7 interpreter."

I am using python 3.6. In light of the note will I be okay to use Google Compute Platform anyway?

Apologies for already posting this question once in “Lesson 1: Class Discussion and Resources,” but I learned that this is the more appropriate thread.

I am sorry about the confusion. Could you try this guide instead with Python 3.6?

I think it should work but let me know if it doesn’t.

@areevesman I think this is the correct thread to get this adressed

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