GCP ssh connection problem

I tried the exact tutorial from https://course-v3.fast.ai/start_gcp.html

The instance was created successfully but while creating the ssh connection I am getting the following error.

This is the first time I am using some cloud platform for GPU instances, help would be appriciated.

you do have a successful ssh connection, which you can see from the jupyter@instance2 at the beginning of your commandline.
The instance is printing the error message from some running process to the console. This process could be jupyter lab/notebook itself, this happens if you have an open notebook that is trying to connect, but you have restarted the instance and not used the right connection token, or not entered the jupyter password you might have set. In case this is the standard instance and none of the above applies, could it be you have open notebooks on localhost:8080 that because of the gcp ssh tunnel now try to connect to the gcp instance but do not exist there?

It’s working now, just did everything from scratch. Thank you for your help. :slight_smile: