GCP shutting down


I’m experiencing some issues with GCP, as it randomly shuts itself down from time to time. Is this normal? Also, I’ve heard a lot lately about Google Colab. Is it better? Should I switch?


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Hi, any luck with this? I am stuck at the same issue and want to understand whether it is worth investing time setting up GCP…

This happens if you are using a preemptible instance.

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Having the same issue, sometimes it doesn’t even last 1h. So I am using Colab for now, it is working good for the L1 and L2.

I had several issues with a preemptible machine so I created a normal machine and zero issues. The main problem is cost (much higher)

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I am having the same problem, the shutdowns are so frequent now that you can’t do anything meaningful anymore.

@Johnpal i am thinking of making a normal VM. How much are you paying approximately? it’s been 25 days since you did this, would you recommend it?

I have been using it since November 6th. I just finished the lesson 4 and the amount is $ 46.37

BTW, I am using the $300 free credits.

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Echo @Johnpal - I haven’t been able to use a preemptible VM on GCP, it was disconnecting every couple minutes. Once I moved to regular VM, things are working fine. I’m still on the free credits.