Full time Jobs for chatbot engineers (U.S)

hi all, hope all is well!

As a huge fan myself here, I’d like to give more opportunities back to the community.

I work at Wells Fargo AI development team in the bay area. We need engineers/enthusiasts for chatbot development. If you are interested in NLP and chatbot, feel free to shoot me an email at:

Please note that we hire U.S local. I forgot how global Jeremy’s influence is. :stuck_out_tongue:

To illustrate a bit more:
The team is a centralized function that dedicates to model development in the area of AI and ML (image/video/audio/language). You will be working with different business teams to help them realize what they need. You are essentially building products to serve the “customers”. It acts like a small startup within the company. Work is project based.

Here are some high-level things we are looking for:
Business sense/common sense (no previous banking experience needed)
Python/R coding (if you have github or kernels or previous kaggle experience, something to show you are a good practitioner/experimenter, a plus)
Analytical (understands whys, ask whys and can go do something about them and come back for more)
NLP experience a plus, ability (or willingness) to read papers and try them out (no need to have a phd)
Independent, patient and flexible
Share and willing to teach and learn

A likely project will look like this:
you connect with customers to understand what they want;
you plan the project;
you engage in a lot of code/library development to achieve the project goal;
you are involved in a lot of communications;
and other stuff.

Hope this helps!
Thank you!



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Hi Angelina,
Can you tell us a bit more about what you’re looking for? Thanks.

I just changed the description a bit. hope it helps! thanks!:slight_smile: