Friday 27 - Course close celebratory meal - SF

We’ve made it through the course!! (well, almost anyway)

So @Moody and I thought this is a great cause to celebrate, and wish to invite anyone in the area to celebrate/mourn the end of the course!

We have made plans to dine at New Ming’s at 6pm, tomorrow night (apologies for the short notice) it’s mission st, nearish 2nd st. (latecomers also welcome)

Please post below if you’d like to come :slight_smile: the more peeps the better


@shoof, @alexrigler (and Mags), @binga, @asparagui, @daveluo, @cheeseblubber, @JOHNGRAHAM415, @YangL, @layla.tadjpour, @sophia.onion

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A great idea. I am in :slight_smile:

@derek, @snagpaul, @thomasHowardJunior

Oh No… I want to come… I am at LA now. Will be back tomorrow night only.

I’m in.

Ah thanks for organizing. I’d love to join! but I can’t make it to 6pm as I have a meeting at that time. But I’d love to stop by as soon as I finish my meeting. What’s the best way to reach you @sjdlloyd or @Moody?

Meep. I might be in. Gotta see what to do with Mini me first though.

Im down

Damn. Cool idea.
6 is difficult. I’ll be there by 7 or so. Very short notice man. @sjdlloyd

My US mobile is +16282267981(valid till next Tuesday).

Perfect, see you then! (yep, sorry about the timings, we thought it was better late than not at all)

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Thats alright! :slight_smile:

@sjdlloyd great idea but I am in LA until tomorrow! Hope you guys have a great time!

I made a booking for a big round table near the entrance. See you all soon. :slight_smile:

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@rsrivastava any interest?

We have finished eating, now moving over to Share Tea at the Metreon:

Kk, i’ll be there around 730!

Apologies guys. Can’t make it. Got too late in a meeting. I hope you all have a great time!

I’m. Flying in Sunday for the last class, sorry I missed it

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