Fresh fruit classifier app

Hello all,
I have recently created a fresh fruit classifier app using chapter 2 of part 1. The app works well for banana, apple and orange images. I was not able to deploy my app using Voila and Binder . I have used Streamlit to deploy my app. Works well for me.
App URL:
Github:rajatpaliwal (Rajat Paliwal) · GitHub
Check out the app and provide feedback. Hope you guys have fun!


Hey @RajatP, great work it works really well with real apples and bananas. And it also shows what it thinks about Bananas in Pyjamas :joy:

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Yeah, they do seem fresh as predicted by the model :slight_smile:

Hm when I use this image it says rottenbanana; Probability: 0.9552 :sweat_smile:

That’s because I used a slightly different image of pyjamas in bananas
But the probability was very low: Prediction: freshbanana; Probability: 0.4563

I think that’s fair because of the clothes these bananas are wearing.

Oh please don’t get me wrong. I just wanted to fool around and input something funny.

The given image is not showing real fruits, so one can not expect that the model returns a proper prediction.

Here is the link to my first blog